is the Spaceman

Levitate in the flow state to achieve the desired effect. 


DATE: 04.20.2022
MISSION: Create a publication based on personal ideals and thoughts.
Starborn is a publication about my experience having to leave behind beliefs that no longer support who I want to be. The publication is broken into 3 sections:

Creation, Vessel, and Stars. Each section tackles my point of view on where I came from, where I am now, and where I want to go. Creation refers to my religious upbringing that still very much affects who I am. Vessel refers to who I feel I am now, broken but in the process of rebuilding a life that I want to pursue. Stars refers to the times in life when you feel like you are hitting your stride and your dreams are within your grasp. A Bright future is what I want for myself and those around me.

Section 01: Creation

Star Flowers 1:1

    In the beginning light gathered towards light. Across a dark universe. Until the dawn of creation. When light shot out and expanded across the void of space.

Star Flowers 1:2

   Creations of all purposes began their respective cycles. Some simple to imagine. Others still considered wonders across the galaxy. While all creations were not created equally. All creations do have value. Among the most precious of creations was that of the human body.